My only family member and my Bestfriend in the state, my sister, is moving away tomorrow and I said goodbye tonight. I am extremely sad and lost and lonely but I’m very excited and happy for her because she is following her heart. I can only wish her the best and pray that God will watch over both of us.


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My friend has a pet fox
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Glad I found mine -kit

Anonymous: What is your sexual preference?


Often. And brutal. And heartrendingly tender. And intimate beyond all comprehension.

I want a relationship where they know of us, but nothing about us. (via epicureandaddy)

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I struggle with this daily.

Anonymous: It really bothers me that animals are mass produced to only be killed for our filthy needs. And people just assume it's natural, that you grow up eating meat, but you don't. Baby food doesn't have meat or dairy in it so no I didn't grow up eating animal byproducts. It just bothers me that people are so careless now a days and I am sorry for the rant.


Please, don’t be sorry. It’s important to rant and rave about this stuff because let’s be honest- it’s fucked up. It makes me sick that children will go to petting farms then come home and eat a ham sandwich… it feels cannibalistic even though it’s really not. But in a way, it sort of is to eat any sentient being. I don’t even know, now I’m rambling!